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Study Options

We provide a broad selection of academic disciplines to choose from in order to realize your academic and career ambitions. The main categories of programs are categorized below.

  • Art and Humanities
  • Business and Social Sciences
  • Criminology, Law and Justice
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Information Technology and Computing
  • Medicine and Health
  • Sciences

Our study abroad opportunities vary in length and degree as listed below and include:

Pathway and Foundation Programs

Pathway and Foundation programs are designed by universities to help students bridge the gap between their current academic skills and the requirements of the course they wish to study. These courses help prepare students who do not meet the university criteria for their undergraduate or postgraduate education.

Language Schools

Language schools are important for students that need to learn a new language in order to pursue their studies. For students that lack the requisite English test score or non-native English speakers, language schools provide an excellent opportunity to learn and acquire the language skills needed to study in a new country. Countries such as China, Germany and France may also require students to acquire certain language competencies before enrolling into specific academic programs—this makes language schools an important component of global education.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

The majority of our students seek to study undergraduate and graduate programs. Studying for an associate degree typically lasts 2 years and a bachelors degree can take anywhere between 3-5 years depending on the academic program and country. The UK is popular for 1 year master degree programs for full time students while most PhD degrees are research-based and are typically 3-5 years long with different residency requirements. Entry into programs such as medicine is very competitive and requires early applications. For instance, in the UK, there are two entry tests for medicine—there’s the UK Clinical Aptitude Test and the BMAT test used by different universities in different ways, and is taken in the year before you come to your medicine program. Overall, our endless academic possibilities ensure that we will match you to an eligible degree program.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

PSA works with employed cadres and professionals seeking to upgrade their skills through certification training, online courses, or short term study abroad. We connect professionals with matching institutions to meet such needs.

Interested in knowing the ranking of your prospective university?

There are various league tables and rankings that compare universities. Some of the most popular are The Times Higher Education rankings(THE) and the QS World University Rankings.

The following is a listing of our study abroad destinations:

USA, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Japan, China, Russia, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia