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Study Abroad and Scholarships Training

How to Find and Win Scholarships and Other Funding Opportunities



Guest Presenter: Dan Musinguzi, PhD – Stenden University Qatar

Co-Presenter: Simon Golola – University College London Alumni

Co-Presenter: Lois Nakibuuka – Andlo Smart Options

Date: August 25th, 2019

Venue: Explorers Hub - Plot 04 Lower Kololo Terrace, Kampala

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The Problem

Undergraduate and postgraduate education is increasingly becoming expensive. Yet, several

universities and organizations worldwide are constantly looking for applicants to award them full

scholarships for short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The lack of sufficient and

up-to-date information on the available scholarships and how to win them leave most people

looking for scholarships for years with little or no success. In addition, the online and offline

landscape of scholarships is littered with scams that are difficult to detect. Some people become

victims while others avoid applying for scholarships in order to remain safe from scams.

Training Benefits

To address the above problems, this workshop will provide cutting-edge information and unique

skills on how to find and win reliable scholarships and other funding opportunities (for short

courses, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate studies) from reputable universities and

organizations around the world. Workshop attendees will:

- Discover how to unlock their potential to win the most prestigious and competitive scholarships;

- Discover the best scholarship databases and Apps to simplify the scholarship search process;

- Learn the simple proven framework for winning scholarships;

- Explore the 40 most prestigious scholarships unknown to most people;

- IELTS and Standardized tests. 

- Gain new knowledge on how to use the ‘Scholarship Pyramids’ and ‘Energy-time’ funnel;

- Learn how to find scholarships and other funding opportunities by using targeted emails to universities

and other organizations;

- Acquire new knowledge on how to identify and avoid scholarship scams;

- Explore study abroad opportunties and global universities

- Discover the biggest mistakes most people make when searching and applying for scholarships.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for professionals, students, parents, career counselors, business owners

interested in acquiring new knowledge and cutting-edge skills on how to find and win

scholarships and other funding opportunities for short courses, diplomas, bachelors, masters,

PhD, and Postdoc. 

Guest Facilitator’s Brief Bio

Dr. Dan Musinguzi is an Assistant Professor in the department of Tourism Management at

Stenden University of Applied Sciences-Qatar. He won a fully funded PhD scholarship offered

by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2008. In 2013, his team won a competitive

research grant of US$235,394 from Qatar National Research Fund. Before winning this PhD

scholarship, he had spent over 15 years searching for scholarships. Using his experiences,

knowledge and skills gained over this period, Dan conducts intensive workshops and one-to-one

consultations on how to find and win scholarships and other funding opportunities. The

information and techniques he shares have transformed people’s lives; some have won

prestigious scholarships offered by World Bank, Oxford University, The Government of Hong

Kong, and Tempus Public Foundation, among others.

Co-Presenter’s Brief Bio

Mr. Simon Golola has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the international education realm.

As an international education consultant, Mr. Golola has engaged with different stakeholders in the

higher education sector at a national and international level.

Mr. Golola manages Pathway Study Abroad, a leading international  education agency in Kampala, Uganda that

has a large network of global partner universities. Mr. Golola has supported students in applying to prestigious

universities and has also helped students  win competitive scholarships such as the Commonwealth Scholarships.

Most recently, Mr. Golola completed his MA in Education and International Development at University College London as a Commonwealth Scholar and carried out significant research on African student mobility.

Co-Presenter's Brief Bio

Ms. Nakibuuka is a qualified secondary school teacher who also doubles as a counselling psychologist. She has over 12 years as a teacher in various schools in Uganda and overseas. Lois is particularly familiar with international schools and curricula where she has taught, mentored and counselled students. Lois has taught at Kabojja International School, Rainbow International School, Green Hills Academy (Rwanda) and The Oxford School in Dubai among other international schools. Lois was previously an examiner for the Cambridge International Examinations and the IELTS exam. Currently, she is the manager at Andlo Smart Options, an agency that supports students in preparing for standardized tests such as IELTS, SAT and related tests. Lois is a valuable asset and trusted partner who brings a wealth of knowledge about international education, curricula and standardized exams which prospective international students find very useful and informative. Lois holds a Master of Science degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelors of Education in Secondary English/Literature. 

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